About Koolspan, Inc.

With the explosion of mobile communications, where business and personal conversations are taking place regularly over mobile networks, in parallel to the discovery of very real vulnerabilities within those networks, KoolSpan was founded to enable businesses and consumers to continue those conversations – securely and privately.

KoolSpan provides secure communications solutions enabling business and home users to make phone calls and send messages securely. KoolSpan’s solutions are powerful and simple – we believe that rather than requiring users to adapt to our technology – requiring the purchase of expensive hardware or learning to use complicated solutions – that we needed to develop a seamless application that would work on users’ existing mobile phones. KoolSpan provides a solution that is easy to install, manage and use on leading smartphones, including Android, iPhone and BlackBerry. With KoolSpan, making a secure phone call or sending a secure message is as simple as making a regular phone call or sending an unsecured message.

KoolSpan’s security and privacy solutions address the growing threat of loss or theft of intellectual property, vital information and proprietary assets. Customers include government organizations and enterprises in over 60 countries worldwide in industries that span government, financial services, industrial/manufacturing, energy, transportation, healthcare and others. KoolSpan is FIPS 140-2 certified and has 21 issued patents with dozens more pending. KoolSpan is a privately held and based in Bethesda, MD.

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