Cybersecurity Luminaries Join KoolSpan’s Boards as Escalating Surveillance and Privacy Risks Drive Unprecedented Demand for Mobile Encryption

Renowned Experts including Dr. Edward Amoroso, Eran Feigenbaum, Daniel Garrie, Adam Meyers, and Amit Yoran Join KoolSpan’s Board of Directors and Advisory Board

Bethesda, Md. (April 5, 2016) — KoolSpan, Inc., a leading provider of encrypted secure voice and messaging solutions for mobile phones, announced today that several renowned cybersecurity industry veterans have joined the company in director or advisory roles. Eran Feigenbaum, Director of Security for Google Apps, has been appointed to KoolSpan’s Board of Directors. Joining the company’s Advisory Board are Dr. Edward Amoroso, former CSO at AT&T; Amit Yoran, President of computer and network security company RSA; Adam Meyers, VP Threat Intelligence at CrowdStrike; and Daniel Garrie, Executive Managing Partner of Law & Forensics and Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Law & Cyberwarfare.

These additions come at a time of unprecedented global demand for encrypted mobile devices and communications, driven by almost daily revelations around the world of wireless surveillance conducted by nation-state, commercial and criminal actors. As more businesses, government and non-governmental organizations use encrypted communications services like KoolSpan’s TrustCall to ensure the security and privacy of their mobile calls and messaging, KoolSpan’s expanded set of advisors will help the company execute strategic objectives and maintain TrustCall’s leadership position. TrustCall is the most flexible and easy-to-use encrypted mobile communications platform available as both a global service and on-premises infrastructure for protecting iPhone, Android and BlackBerry calls and texts.

“Mobile devices are the deepest window into not only our personal but also our professional lives,” said Elad Yoran, KoolSpan’s Executive Chairman. “Today we are honored that some of the cybersecurity industry’s foremost thinkers are joining KoolSpan to protect mobile communications for businesses and people.”

“The threats to mobile conversations continue to increase. Every day we read about the continued compromise of both corporate and consumer communications. The cybersecurity industry must work harder to find solutions to protect these communications which we are all dependent upon,” said Feigenbaum. “KoolSpan is one of the true innovators and its encryption technology is enabling users, regardless of which mobile device they use, to protect their calls and messages.”

Feigenbaum joins KoolSpan’s Board of Directors while continuing to serve as the Director of Security for Google Apps where he defines and implements security strategies for Google’s suite of enterprise solutions. He is responsible for ensuring that Google’s business users’ data remains secure and maintaining trust in Google among the company’s enterprise customers.

As global commerce, free speech, trust in online businesses and human rights around the world become inextricably linked with encrypted communications, the unique backgrounds and experiences of KoolSpan’s Advisory Board members help the company draw on insights and new alliances that help its technology reach more strategic partners and end users. KoolSpan’s newest advisors, Edward Amoroso, Amit Yoran, Adam Meyers and Daniel Garrie bring complementary experience from the worlds of global telecommunications, cybersecurity and national and international cyber law.

“Hackers, organized criminals, corporate competitors and governments around the world — they are all going after mobile communications to intercept phones calls and text messages,” said Edward Amoroso. “Reflecting this reality, we are witnessing a market revolution that is unfolding in which demand is growing for a flexible, seamless and secure mobile communications experience.”

“A series of colliding, combustible factors make the mobile world a crucial cybersecurity and privacy battleground,” added Amit Yoran. “Mobile devices rely on vulnerable networks – which often are state-run in some regions – to operate, yet carry sensitive data and have intimate knowledge about our businesses and personal lives. Considering people’s reliance on their devices you quickly see the stakes of the current situation.”

“Mobile calling and messaging are the dominant forms of communication for businesses globally, even as many users remain unaware of security threats to these mediums around the world,” said Adam Meyers.

Drawing together some of the brightest minds in technology and cybersecurity circles, KoolSpan’s expanded advisor ranks further establish the company as the proven, business-ready partner of choice for government and commercial customers around the world.

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KoolSpan is the leading provider of robust, cross-platform, end-to-end communication security on mobile devices and desktop phones. KoolSpan offers multiple encryption solutions supporting Android, iPhone and BlackBerry phones. KoolSpan’s security and privacy solutions address the growing threat of loss or theft of intellectual property, vital information and proprietary assets. Customers include government organizations and enterprises in over 60 countries worldwide. KoolSpan is FIPS 140-2 validated and has 21 issued patents with dozens more pending. KoolSpan is privately held and based in Bethesda, Md.

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