TrustCall DIRECT Service Provider



Carrier-grade scalability


TrustCall secure communications integration with core systems via APIs


Deployed on-premise or in private cloud

Secure Voice and Messaging Solution for Service Providers to Package to their Customers

TrustCall DIRECT Service Provider enables Managed Service Providers (MSP) to expand their suite of value add products and services to their customers, generate increased revenue and gain a competitive edge.


TrustCall DIRECT Service Provider includes a robust set of APIs enabling seamless integration of TrustCall secure voice and messaging with internal provisioning and billing systems, customer care ticketing and CRM such as Amdocs and Salesforce.


TrustCall DIRECT Service Provider includes all TrustCall, TrustText, TrustBridge and TrustCenter features and functionality.

Read about our Managed Service Provider customers, and how they are successfully selling TrustCall secure communications layered on their existing services.


Carrier-Grade TrustCall DIRECT Service Provider Solution

TrustCall DIRECT Service Provider is deployed and configured on-premise at the service provider, or in a private cloud. The infrastructure includes the TrustRelay servers, TrustCenter administration console, and TrustBridge.

TrustRelay Server

TrustRelay Servers enable TrustCall DIRECT Service Provider users to locate each other to establish secure end-to-end communications between them.  All encryption/decryption takes place on the smartphones and all traffic passing through TrustRelay servers is always encrypted.

TrustCenter Administration Console

TrustCenter is a series of software applications and web services that provide centralized management. The TrustCenter console enables simple, secure, remote administrative management of an organization’s TrustCall licenses, TrustGroup security associations, users and their devices.


TrustBridge provides secure calling between mobile phones and PBX desktop phones by enabling TrustCall encryption to be terminated at the corporate PBX.

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