TrustCall Mobile Encryption Engine

At the core of all TrustCall encryption solutions is KoolSpan’s patented mobile encryption engine, a cryptographic device that authenticates and secures communications. The mobile encryption engine transforms standard smartphones or network connected devices into secure communications tools. The mobile encryption engine runs either in the native secure elements of a cellphone or on a TrustChip microSD memory card. It delivers industry leading mobile device security with all-in-one key management, authentication and encryption.

Multiple Options for Deployment, Flexibility, Compatibility

TrustCall’s mobile encryption engine can be deployed in multiple forms, maintaining compatibility across Android and iPhone phones.

Security of Hardware with the Ease of Software

The mobile encryption engine can be installed without any additional hardware components. It runs in either:

  • A native secure element of the mobile phone. These elements vary from device to device.
  • microSD card provided by GoTrust

How it Works

TrustCall’s mobile encryption engine delivers end-to-end security for mobiles phones and devices – from the originating device, through the network, to the destination device. The mobile encryption engine creates a two-way secure tunnel that encrypts and mutually authenticates traffic.

How KoolSpan's mobile encryption engine works

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