KoolSpan U: Weekly Word Wednesday – Pharming

Pharming is a technique used by scammers to attack large masses of computer users at one time to obtain confidential information. An attacked user typically receives an email embedded with code that alters local host files on their personal computer, so that the next time they attempt to access certain websites they will be redirected to fraudulent versions of these sites at which any private information entered can be easily confiscated by the scammer.

An even more hostile version of pharming occurs when the actual DNS server is affected through alteration of the domain name system table. Because the DNS server processes millions of URL requests each day, this type of pharming can victimize an enormous number of users, most of whom will not realize what is happening. Most spyware programs are unable to handle these threats because there isn’t necessarily something wrong with the users’ personal computer.

However, Koolspan offers users the TrustChip that protects users from pharming threats across a broad array of connected devices, platforms and servers. If you’d like more information, feel free to contact us!

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